Happy 2020.

Hello dear readers. It’s been a while, isn’t it?

Well, in a nutshell, I’ve been busy with many projects (sometimes one too many). Now I’m back to the WordPress blogosphere.

Last year was incredibly good to me. This year will be an exceptional year as well. Whereas last year was full of challenges and exponential growth, this year is more of a transition and steady preparation for my upcoming projects and the ones I already started up.

I’m still busy, but now I’m a pro at it. So, I thought this is a good time to take care of my blog again. You can expect more book reviews, movie reviews, and interactions from now on.

PD: Did you notice I changed the slogan of the blog? Now it is: ”Living the multicultural adventure!” A blog that combines languages, culture, and life learning with travelling? Yes, it is!

Until next time!



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