Saturday’s inspiration: Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Hello everyone! I hope that you are good!

Sometimes, when I’m not travelling, I like reading books that are inspiring and that help me make my common days a little bit more interesting, mentally and emotionally richer.


flock of white-and-brown birds

Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a fable about a seagull who had dreams of reaching perfection through flight. Unfortunately, his group didn’t approve him because all they could think about was sleeping and chasing food.

Jonathan is exiled of the group by the leader because of his radical and ambitious ideas. Despite being all alone, Jonathan doesn’t abandon his dreams. He makes the most of this opportunity to train even more.

One day Jonathan crash into a stone and he ascends to seagull’s heaven. There he knew Chiang, who will become his flight teacher and Raphael, who becomes a good friend.

After mastering flight, Jonathan goes back to the group and offer them to teach flight to those who want to learn. Little by little the other seagulls join him, within them there is Pedro, his first disciple who is exiled by the group as well.

Peter had the same accident that Juan and Juan asks him if he’d like ascend to heaven or live and stay in the Earth to teach the group, this last one is what Peter decides.


This short fable is very precious for me because it teaches the value of never quitting our dreams even if we are not supported by people, of not allowing others to clip our wings.

The idea of believing in ourselves and having the disposition to work very hard every day for getting what we want.

As well as maintaining the bravery of going against the norm and what is expected of us to pursue our true desires, of being the architects of our destiny.

Finally, the importance of sharing to others our knowledge and help them break their limitations to make the world a better place.

Until the next time and have a nice Saturday!


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